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Making A Difference Through Marketing 2016

RRP $354.99

This book honours the contribution Professor Pascale Quester has made to academia and higher education, through her research, teaching, and leadership. It provides readers with a comprehensive, contemporary perspective on marketing practice with an emphasis on the role of marketing in making a difference. Organisations are interwoven with the society in which they operate and are thus commonly expected to shoulder some responsibility in advancing that society. While there has been significant academic and practitioner focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR), research is often limited to the organisational benefits and implementation of CSR initiatives, this book presents a broader perspective. It highlights a variety of players and approaches that are making a difference to their various stakeholder groups, specifically in the areas of sponsorship, consumer behaviour, education, health and innovation.

10 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before Joining A Mlm Or Network Marketing Company

RRP $12.99

Don't Make The Same Mistake I Did That Cost Me Thousands of Dollars! Everyone knows that in today's economy that one of the wisest decisions you can make is to have your own MLM business and nothing is better than having one that is ready to go. BUT WAIT... Which one do you choose? Can you choose the wrong Network Marketing company and end up having it cost you money? YES YOU CAN. In fact for 12 years I went from company to company hoping to find the right one and actually start to make money. Then I finally did and it made all the difference in the world and now I am on a mission to make sure that you don't go through the years of frustration like I did. What are the 10 most important things to look for? They may not be what you think. For example Nobody ever considers #3 and the effect that it can have on your business. #5 can be really confusing and if you don't understand it properly you will definitely lose money #8 is something that will make or break your business and #10 is the most important thing of all You will also find in this book a great resource which you will find in no other book and that is interviews with actual leaders from different MLM / Direct Sales companies. So some of the work has already been done for you. I wish that I had this resource when I was looking. Would have saved me much time and effort. Deciding on a home based business can be one of the most important decision of your life. You want to choose the right one the first time so that you are making money right away and moving towards that life you've always dreamed of. And this book can help you do just that. Don't wait! Get your copy today and start living the life YOU DESERVE."

Legal And Economic Regulation In Marketing

RRP $256.99

Legal and economic regulation now affects virtually every aspect of the modern business environment, particularly the broad range of responsibilities that fall within the domain of marketing. Because of the complexity of the regulatory framework, marketing executives may depend heavily on legal specialists for guidance concerning laws and regulations that affect their company's operations. This book provides marketing planners and managers with both the basics and the specifics needed for effective decision making in this area. Based on the author's expertise and first-hand experience in the business regulatory field, Legal and Economic Regulation in Marketing will enable the marketing executive to assess the potential impact of laws and government regulations and thus avoid administrative tie-ups and costly mistakes. Following a discussion of the goals of marketing organization, Werner looks at how existing federal laws condition and control the environment in which executives carry out marketing functions. He next examines the legal regulation of specific marketing operations, including pricing, methods of distribution, promotion and product characteristics, and procedures affecting marketing. In addition to describing the relevant statutes and agency standards, Professor Werner explains the implications of specific court decisions and administrative rulings. The author concludes with shrewd speculation on future trends in legal and regulatory controls and how these will affect marketing decision making and the business environment as a whole. An invaluable resource for the executives or students of marketing, this volume offers clear, practical guidance on functioning within the legal and regulatory constraints of the modern marketplace.


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