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Culinary Nutrition For Food Professionals, 2nd Edition

RRP $249.00

In today&#146;s market, a large percentage of food consumed is eaten or purchased away from home which has created an increasing demand for healthful options across all segments of the food industry. Now, more than ever, your customers realize that diet plays an important role in maintaining good health. The completely revised, second edition of Culinary Nutrition for Food Professionals gives you all of the information you need to balance taste and health while maintaining your unique niche in today&#146;s competitive marketplace. This book is oriented toward nutrition applications to foodservice including:<UL><LI>food science and nutrition science<LI>current dietary recommendations<LI>new food labeling regulations<LI>product selection<LI>menu planning for specific clientele and operational segments<LI>recipe development, nutrition analysis, and cooking techniques<LI>merchandising healthful options in the menu mix<LI>staff training<LI>agricultural, industry and current food safety issues<LI>marketing</UL>In addition, a one-of-a-kind chapter addresses fitness and diet needs for food professionals. It is designed as a guide for maintaining peak productivity at the work site. Culinary Nutrition for Food Professionals is recommended by the Educational Institute of the American Culinary Federation and has been endorsed by educators and other food professionals as a key textbook for both culinary and hospitality management programs. In addition, the book is a vital and current reference for foodservice managers, chefs, caterers, food product developers and retailers, restaurateurs, food writers, and health professionals. It is also a practical reference for individuals who wish to learn the professional approach to cooking for taste and health. Food professionals and educators are saying this about the revised second edition of Culinary Nutrition for Food Professionals: &quot;This book will certainly be useful to all of us.&quot; &#151;Julia Child, Cambridge, MA (From the Foreword) &quot;This book should be part of any professional chef&#146;s library. It is current and on target with the needs of the food service industry as it meets and adapts to the consciousness of today&#146;s nutritionally aware customers. This book will also be an excellent tool to meet the needs of our young culinarians entering the profession. It is written in a style which is easy for the professional chef to follow.&quot; &#151;Noel Cullen, EdD, CMC, AAC, Chairman, American Culinary Federation Educational Institute; and Associate Professor, School of Hospitality Administration, Boston University &quot;In these times when the American public is examining their diet so closely, it is more important than ever that cooks and chefs move to increase both their knowledge of nutrition and its implications. Carol Hodges&#146; book is a comprehensible yet accessible look at the many aspects of diet and nutrition. It is an outstanding book for anyone who works with food to increase their education in a subject that is on the front line of the cooking profession.&quot; &#151;Chris Schlesinger, Chef-Owner, East Coast Grill and The Blue Room, Cambridge, MA &quot;To say I am impressed with the content of the book would be an understatement. It is, in my opinion, right on target with what every foodservice professional needs to know to adapt his or her recipes and menus to meet the changing needs of today&#146;s customers. It is written at the level and in the vocabulary of a chef, foodservice manager, and other foodservice professionals.&quot; &#151;Jeff Larson, CEC, Dean of Instruction, Northeast Metro Technical College, St. Paul, MN (From the Foreword) Special Note: This book is recommended by the American Culinary Federation and the international Association of Culinary professionals for meeting certification requirement

Qualitative Marketing Research

RRP $309.99

Aimed at both graduate and undergraduate students majoring in business administration and in other fields of social sciences, Qualitative Marketing Research unpacks the emerging cultural approach in the field of marketing and consumer research and provides an interesting and informed study for anyone interested in cultural approaches to economic and social theory. The book also provides insights for MBA students and other business professionals who work in the field of marketing, advertising, media planning and qualitative market research, offering methodological resources for keeping professional skills up to date and help with designing and conducting relevant and skillful market research which is sensitive to the cultural dynamics of the marketplace behaviour.

Sexuality And Gender For Mental Health Professionals

RRP $232.99

Questions of sexuality and gender affect everyone and therefore have an inevitable relevance in the consulting room. Yet with interpretations and manifestations of both varying greatly from person to person, understanding the inherent complexities of sexuality and gender can be a daunting task for the health professional. Breaking down these complexities this practical guide familiarises the reader with all of the common and many of the less common sexualities, genders and relationship forms, and explains experiences and issues relating to each. The book contains:


-Explanations of various forms of sexuality, gender and relationship structures

-Common concerns relating to specific groups

-Key practises relating to specific groups

-The treatment of specific groups in contemporary Western society

-Details of some rules and ideals that are commonly found within specific groups

-Suggestions for professional practice with these groups


Ideal for all members of the multidisciplinary team, this accessible book is relevant to practitioners across theoretical backgrounds. Whether you are a trainee or qualified psychotherapist, counsellor, nurse, medic, psychiatrist, social worker or applied psychologist, this is a vital text for your professional practice.

CHRISTINA RICHARDS is Senior Specialist Psychology Associate at the West London Mental Health NHS Trust (Charing Cross) Gender Identity Clinic.

MEG BARKER is a senior lecturer in psychology at the Open University and a sex and relationship therapist.



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