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Research On International Service Marketing

RRP $390.99

Volume 15 of "Advances in International Marketing" explores the current research in international service marketing through the eyes of scholars from eight different countries on three continents. A truly international perspective emerges on the nature of service marketing across borders, as well as the internationalization strategies of service providers. Specifically, emphasis is placed on: service relationships across borders; methodological issues of international service marketing research; service internationalization and modes of entry; and new international services. Each chapter expands the conceptual context and consequences of internationalization. This collection of articles also serves as a point of departure for future research on international service marketing and the internationalization of services. In the tradition of the "Advances in International Marketing" series, each contribution offers extended conceptual development and a detailed discussion beyond what is typically offered in research papers. At the same time, practitioners should find critically relevant inspiration and ideas on how to define, implement, and evaluate their strategy and operations when delivering services across borders.

Qualitative Research In Digital Environments

RRP $412.99

This book offers a toolkit of methods and technologies to undertake qualitative research on digital spaces. This toolkit, termed "Digital ethnography" by authors Caliandro and Gandini, allows marketing researchers as well as scholars of the social sciences to delve into the digital environment and understand the nature of social interaction, the cultures and meanings of practices taking place across online spaces.

Unlike commonly used traditional methodological strategies which are "retrofitted" to digital spaces, this book offers researchers a set of tools that are designed for virtual communities--are "digitally native"--and allows students, researchers and practitioners analyses of online social networks like Twitter and Instagram in fresh, new ways.

Thanks to a broad range of cases including Louis Vuitton, YouTube and the concept of hipsterism, this text illustrate the practical applications of techniques and tools over the most popular social media environments, in a smooth transition from theoretical principles of research design to practical data collection and analysis.

This book will be a valuable guide to qualitative reserach for marketing students, researchers and practitioners, as well as a central reference point for tutors in the growing field of Digital Sociology.

Successful Seo And Search Marketing In A Week

RRP $14.99

Learn in a week, what the experts learn in a lifetime.

Sunday: Understand the functions of the major search engines and what SEO and Search Marketing are and what they do.
Monday: Learn about your competition and target audience, and organize your website's structure.
Tuesday: Discover the importance of keywords, and how to generate your keyword list and find the best low-cost research tools.
Wednesday: Learn how to make changes to the pages on your site to increase the chance of ranking.
Thursday: Ensure all of your links are found and indexed by search engines and generate backlinks.
Friday: Monitor and manage your progress through tools such as Analytics, Webmaster and shortened URLs.
Saturday: Increase your online presence with search marketing.

About the Author

Nick Smith is Managing Director of Closeup Media. He is an expert in online marketing, who has helped hundreds of large and small companies achieve their goals.

Pharmaceutical Marketing

RRP $610.99

Marketing a drug isn't like marketing a television set, a mountain bike, or a pair of shoes. And yet, despite the wealth of education, literature, and other resources available to marketers of consumer goods, finding information specific to marketing pharmaceutical products has been nearly impossible. Pharmaceutical Marketing fills this gap. Designed as a practical marketing guide specific to the pharmaceutical industry, this book applies current marketing concepts and tools to the real-world intricacies of marketing a heavily regulated product whose success is determined not by the actual end-user, but by various industry stakeholders, including prescribing physicians, regulators, and health insurance and managed care organizations.

Research Methods In Politics

RRP $249.99

Packed with features to promote learning, this text is ideal for use on an introductory methods course or for readers carrying out their own research project. It presents: an overview of the philosophy and principles of research; qualitative and quantitative research methods and research design; a critical review of selected methods; methods of gathering information, such as interviews and focus groups, and discusses issues associated with ensuring quality of information; and, appropriate methods for analysing and interpreting data, and covers the process of communicating research. The inclusion of chapter objectives, regular summaries, questions for discussion and tasks and assignments, makes this the must-have text for researching politics.


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