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Your Amazing Itty Bitty Video Marketing Book

RRP $16.99

Your Amazing Itty Bitty Video Marketing Book 15 Essential Keys to Becoming a Leader in Your Industry Now more than ever, people love video. Video has replaced books and newspapers as the most powerful medium with which to reach your market or deliver your message. Whether by social media, blogs, YouTube or email, learn how to maximize your presence online and take advantage of the world of videos. Questions people ask: How can I get my message across clearly and effectively with video? How many different ways can I use video to establish trust and rapport with my prospects and clients? What am I going to talk about in my videos? If video marketing interests you, pick up a copy of this groundbreaking book today"

Internet Marketing And Search Engine Optimization

RRP $17.99

It is difficult finding someone who really knows what they are doing with Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. There are many that would like you to believe they are experts, but they could very well get your site de-listed. This is a short guide designed to aid high end professionals to learn enough about Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization in order to intelligently hire the right person for their marketing efforts online.

On A Budget Marketing

RRP $13.99

The Ultimate Guide To Marketing On A Budget!This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to use the best on a budget marketing techniques to get the most bang for your buck, both online and offline.Today only, get this Amazing Amazon book for this limited time low price!The age of limited marketing methods is long gone. With the introduction of online marketing strategies, we're offered a wider opportunity to market our business, and to make our brand reach out to wider set of audiences. But the sudden shift towards online marketing efforts should not totally discount the power of offline marketing strategies. In fact, both types of strategies are meant to complement each other. Admittedly, both methods have their own shortcomings, and this is where integrated marketing efforts need to be harnesses for optimum results.Make Money Online Or Offline With These Proven Marketing On A Budget Techniques!Big businesses usually don't have a problem designing their marketing plans to integrate both online and offline marketing principles and methods. What if you're a small business? And more, what if you're a small business with limited funds? The latter is typical among startup business these days. The good news is online and offline marketing strategies don't necessarily have to take a huge slice in your business budget. In fact, the simplest methods discussed in this book will help you slowly gain traction.The concept of having a new marketing strategy proves exciting. This drives small businesses to eye for results almost immediately. But that's just your excitement overwhelming you knowing that you want positive results to happen. As we go through the different marketing methods in this book, you'll eventually realize that one factor controls the emergence of such results: time. So don't expect a miracle. Instead, slowly tide with time and integrate one valuable concept attributed to results: measurability.Yes, to ascertain that you're not giving away money from your business, you need to tie results to measurability. This way, you can identify which methods are effective and which ones are not. And that of course is dependent on your business. So sit tight and keep an open mind. Some methods discussed in this book might appear to be beyond what you can do. But keep one thought all throughout: how will you know if you haven't even tried?Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...Online Marketing On A Budget Strategies For Small Businesses 101Offline Marketing On A Budget Strategies For Small Businesses 101Online Marketing On A Budget Strategies For Small Business 201Offline Marketing On A Budget Strategies For Small Business 201How To Pick The Right Marketing Strategies For Your Business!How To Plan And Implement Marketing Strategies For Your BusinessGet your copy today!

Nonlinear Digital Filters : Principles And Applications

RRP $793.99

The function of a filter is to transform a signal into another one more suit- able for a given purpose. As such, filters find applications in telecommunica- tions, radar, sonar, remote sensing, geophysical signal processing, image pro- cessing, and computer vision. Numerous authors have considered deterministic and statistical approaches for the study of passive, active, digital, multidimen- sional, and adaptive filters. Most of the filters considered were linear although the theory of nonlinear filters is developing rapidly, as it is evident by the numerous research papers and a few specialized monographs now available. Our research interests in this area created opportunity for cooperation and co- authored publications during the past few years in many nonlinear filter families described in this book. As a result of this cooperation and a visit from John Pitas on a research leave at the University of Toronto in September 1988, the idea for this book was first conceived. The difficulty in writing such a mono- graph was that the area seemed fragmented and no general theory was available to encompass the many different kinds of filters presented in the literature. However, the similarities of some families of nonlinear filters and the need for such a monograph providing a broad overview of the whole area made the pro- ject worthwhile. The result is the book now in your hands, typeset at the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Toronto during the summer of 1989.

A Practical Guide To Strategic Narrative Marketing

RRP $12.95

Strategic Narrative Marketing will shift the way you think about and develop company messaging. Using this guidebook, you have an action plan to create a consistent, unified message that stands out and moves your organization from explaining - to leading. It addresses the persistent challenge of having something meaningful and compelling to say, and provides a framework to create a new industry narrative that is unique, differentiating and inspires category change and organizational leadership. Whether you need to align your company, change perceptions, gain influence as a true thought leader, or attract talent and investment, Strategic Narrative Marketing can help elevate your story to win in the market.


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